Rhapsody Arts in the Blogosphere!

Hi everyone, welcome on the Rhapsody Arts Blog!

For our first post, we wanted to present ourself and we hope that you will present you in comments.

Who are we? Coco and Eva, two musicians who met in France during their music studies, became friends and decided to create Rhapsody Arts and Rhapsody Music Festival. Coco is a violinist and Eva is pianist and pharmacist.

Why creating a blog ? A blog is a good way to share all our events and to talk about them WITH YOU. To help us grow and fulfill your expectations, we would like to exchange with you and share the things we like. Again, do not hesitate and put your feelings in comments, ask us questions and we will answer it as soon as possible.

What are we gonna talk about?

Here we will talk about music, arts, artists from the world, cultural events, music and health and a lot to discover. 

Can’t wait to meet you all in our virtual home,


Follow all of our activities on social medias : Instagram, Facebook and the website (www.rhapsodyarts.com.my).

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