Tongyi Children’s Arts Education Carnival 2018

Take the child into an artistic journey of adventure and experience.

Today, they have many high-quality music or children’s plays, but many of them are restricted to children under the age of 6; from the educational point of view, the enlightenment of art should be earlier. This practice has made many small children have no chance to enjoy wonderful and high-quality performances, and many parents have deterred and can’t enter and enjoy.

In addition, in today’s 3C era, children are mostly busy with schoolwork, rarely have the opportunity and time to participate in music and art activities and miss the music and art that is the most inspiring cultural and emotional element of life. For these great ideas, in order to spread the wonderful art seeds to children, a group of Nanrou (South Johor) professionals who are concerned about music and art teaching decided to go through this music and art feast for children under the age of 12, so that children have the opportunity to see through Listen, touch, and experience various art activities, enjoy different artistic and cultural elements, and broaden your artistic vision.

Graffiti, singing, dancing, and storytelling are natural cultural activities of childhood; children need these diverse activities to explore life, experience and perceive emotions, enrich and grow themselves. In the age of turmoil, what today’s children lack is often the resources of the soul, let art become a friend to accompany the child’s life!

The objectives of this carnival are:

  • Starting from the educational point of view, combined with the professional workers in the art field of children in Johor Bahru, work together to create an art activity for exclusive children.
  • Through the fun and diverse activities designed, children can hear, see, touch, experience all kinds of art, and broaden their experience and vision.
  • Invite overseas senior children’s authority to come to give lectures and start pre-work workshops to help teachers and parents learn how to deal with emotions, help children learn communication and develop high EQ.

During the carnival, we provided diverse activities for not only children but also parents, and teacher in kinder garden even else music teacher who give lesson for the children.

Children’s Emotional Education Workshop

This workshop helps to understand the emotional developments and problems common to preschool and school-age children. Learn to use effective and flexible strategies to face changes in children’s emotions; and discuss how to use art education activities to help guide children’s emotional development. Communication skills.

The course includes understanding the development and emotional characteristics of preschool (0~6 years old) and school age (7~12 years old) children, and related theory and practice. Let the students have a deeper and broader understanding of children’s art as a non-verbal communication and expression medium. Guide the students through the communication and expression of children in the art, aware of the children’s emotional distress, accompany the children out of the emotional storm, and re-find the “inner power.”

Hong Jiejie Children’s Theatre —” Huo Huo Is Gone”

This joyful and performance explores the “Emotional Intelligence” of adults and children, getting along with them every day, and getting angry and losing their temper, causing damage to the relationship. Children need to learn emotional management, adults also need to learn to control emotions, family relationships and peace of maintenance are everyone needs to learn.

There is a strange phenomenon in the Fire Dragon country, where the people’s temper is very violent. There is a child named Fire, and in the few days when his mother is not at home, he and his father seem to be quarreling every moment. They are all fascinated by the little things of some sesame mung beans. The two old men at home tried a lot of ways to help the two fathers and sons, but to no avail. So, they invited friends from afar, and Red Sister came to help. One day, the two fathers and sons again quarreled again, and left the house with anger and anger…
Suitable for age: 4 years old or older (0-3 years old children are free if they do not occupy a seat)
Performance duration: 60 minutes

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