Rhapsody & Johor Philharmonic String Camp (RJP) 2018

Three full-days camp: 12th – 14th December 2018
Gala Concert: 15th December 2018

RJP is an event cooperated by two non-profit societies: Rhapsody Arts and Johor Philharmonic Association.

The objectives of the 2018 String Camp are

  • To promote and reinforce interracial relationship via musical learning and appreciation.
  • To provide intensive training on ensemble/orchestral skill and therefore improve young participants on-stage performance experience and techniques
  • To provide exceptional experiences for musical and personal growth via interacting with regional renowned musicians.
  • To fully immerse themselves in music performing environment and enrich the quality of participants music education.
  • To provide opportunity to exchange their cultures and make friends with same interest

The full-day string camp was opened to all students of bowed string instruments from ages 9 – 20 and which offers a variety of high quality music courses, including string orchestra, small chamber ensembles, interactive workshops, and gala concert.

String orchestra

For attending the final evening concert, the participants were be firstly assessed via an selection by their instrument level and age and divided into three groups:

  1. Beginning group
  2. Intermediate group
  3. Advance group

For three days, each group practiced and two pieces in different period and style and finally, they combined in one group for playing Rasa Sayang for ending.

In Malaysia, accept high school orchestra, there are rarely music student play in ensemble neither in orchestra. They have no chance to play, to share and listen to each other in a group, so they can’t feel the joy when many people play together. It is really different when we play in solo mode.

Interactive workshops

A part of string orchestra, we provide two workshops for our campers and also open to publics. We were honored to have local violin maker – Tan Chin Seng as well as bowing competition winner – Paul Goh from Singapore to host these two workshops.

They firstly explain the way to maintain our instruments and bow then, they showed the material of the violin and bow making and explained us the process how they make a violin or and a bow.

Gala concert

After 3 days training, this was the moment to share and display their achievement! This concert not only is a platform to allow musicians to play, to sing and to enjoy the stage, but also a platform to let parents see how their children’s performance and also a way to promote music in Johor Bahru.

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